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Database Administration
Reference : PROMON Utility : PROMON Shared Resources option

PROMON Shared Resources option

Displays a variety of system resource usage statistics and all startup parameter settings. Broker status information appears only when a broker process is active. See Database Startup Parameters for more information on these startup parameters.

Sample Output for PROMON Shared Resources option

The following shows this option's output.
Shared Resources:
Shared memory version number: 6413723
Busy After Image Extent: /scratch/doc/117/testdb.a3
Locking table entries in use: 0
Locking table high water mark: 1
Number of semaphores used: 33
Broker status: Executing
BI Writer status: Not executing
AI Writer status: Not executing
Watchdog status: Not executing
Number of page writers: 0
Number of self-service users: 0
Number of remote users: 0
Number of servers: 0
Number of shut-downs: 0
Number of monitors: 1
After-image Management Archival Directory List (-aiarcdir): Not Enabled
Create After-image Management Archival Directory(s) (-aiarcdircreate): Not Enabled
After-image Management Archival Interval (-aiarcinterval): -1
Number of After-Image Buffers (-aibufs): 20
After-Image Stall (-aistall): Not Enabled
Starting index number for statistics range (-baseindex): 1
Starting table number for statistics range (-basetable): 1
Starting index number per user for statistics range (-baseuserindex): 1
Starting table number per user for statistics range (-baseusertable): 1
Number of Before-Image Buffers (-bibufs): 20
BI File Threshold Stall (-bistall): Disabled.
BI File Threshold size (-bithold): 0.0 Bytes
Database Blocksize (-blocksize): 4096
BIW writer delay (-bwdelay): 0
Allowed index cursors (-c): 84
CDC cache size (-cdcsize): 200k bytes
SSL Certificate Store Path (-certstorepath): Not Enabled
Character Set (-cpinternal): iso8859-1
Physical Database Name (-db): jan28
Diagnostic directory (-diagDir): Not Enabled
Diagnostic events value (-diagEvent): LockTable:0,BiThold:0,SysErr:0
Diagnostic event level (-diagEvtLevel): 0
Diagnostic field separator (-diagFS): ' '
Diagnostic data format (-diagFormat): csv
Diagnostic pause length (-diagPause): 0
Diagnostic prefix value (-diagPrefix): diagEvent_
Diagnostic procedure (-diagProc): Not Enabled
Direct I/O (-directio): Not Enabled
Database Type (-dt): PROGRESS
Encryption cache size (-ecsize): 1000
Group delay (-groupdelay): 10
Hash Table Entries (-hash): 887
Crash Recovery (-i): Enabled
Number of indexes included in statistics collection (-indexrangesize): 50
TCP/IP Version (-ipver): Not Enabled
SSL Key Alias Name (-keyalias): Not Enabled
Lock table hash table size (-lkhash): 1237
Original Lock Release Algorithm (-lkrela): Not Enabled
Number of LRU force skips (-lruskips): 0
Number of LRU2 force skips (-lru2skips): 0
Maximum Area Number (-maxArea): 32000
Size of JTA transaction table (-maxxids): 100
Maximum Port for Auto Servers (-maxport): 0
Minimum Port for Auto Servers (-minport): 0
Multi-tenancy partition cache size (-mtpmsize): 1024
Use muxlatches (-mux): 1
Maximum Number of Users (-n): 21
Minimum time to nap at first -spin exhaustion (-nap): 10
Maximum time to nap at -spin exhaustion (-napmax): 250
SSL No Host Verify (-nohostverify): Not Enabled
Disable LRU mechanism (-nolru): Not Enabled
SSL No Session Cache (-nosessioncache): Not Enabled
SSL No Session Reuse (-nosessionreuse): Not Enabled
Login Governor (-nGovernor): 0 of 21
Number of checkpoint statistics to record (-numCheckpointStats): 32
Storage object cache size (-omsize): 1024
Database Service Manager - IPC Queue Size (-pica): 64.0 KBytes
Shared memory segments locked (-pinshm): Not Enabled
Use pollset mechanism for client/server (-pollset): Not Enabled
Delay first prefetch message (-prefetchDelay): Not Enabled
Prefetch message fill percentage (-prefetchFactor): 0
Minimum records in prefetch msg (-prefetchNumRecs): 16
Suspension queue poll priority (-prefetchPriority): 0
APW queue scan cycle time in milliseconds (-pwqdelay): 100
APW minimum queue length before write (-pwqmin): 1
APW buffer scan cycle time in seconds (-pwsdelay): 1
APW maximum number of buffers to scan per cycle (-pwscan): 5
APW maximum number of buffers to write per cycle (-pwwmax): 25
Before-Image File I/O (-r -R): Reliable
Record free chain search depth factor (-recspacesearchdepth): 5
Security cache size (-secsize): 512
Number of Semaphore Sets (-semsets): 3
SSL Session Timeout (-sessiontimeout): 0
Maximum Shared Memory Segment Size (-shmsegsize): 0 Mb
Current Spin Lock Tries (-spin): 24000
SSL Encryption for TCP/IP connections (-ssl): Not Enabled
STS Debug Logging Level default (-stslogginglevel): 0
Number of tables included in statistics collection (-tablerangesize): 50
User Notification Time (-usernotifytime): 0 seconds
Number of indexes per user included in statistics collection (-userindexrangesize): 50
Number of tables per user included in statistics collection (-usertablerangesize): 50
Area block consistency check (-AreaCheck): Not Enabled
Number of Database Buffers (-B): 3000
Number of Alternate Database Buffers (-B2): 0
Maximum private buffers per user (-Bpmax): 64
Database block consistency check (-DbCheck): Not Enabled
Database Service Manager - Service(s) to start (-DBService): Not Enabled
Enhanced Read-Only mode (-ERO): Not Enabled
Force Access (-F): Not Enabled
Before-Image Truncate Interval (-G): 0
Host Name (-H): Not Enabled
Index block consistency check (-IndexCheck): Not Enabled
Current Size of Lock Table (-L): 8192
Lock Governor (-LGovernor): 0%
Maximum Number of Clients Per Server (-Ma): 4
Memory overwrite check (-MemCheck): Not Enabled
Delay of Before-Image Flush (-Mf): 3
Minimum Clients Per Server (-Mi): 0
Message Buffer Size (-Mm): 0
Maximum Number of Servers (-Mn): 5
Servers per Protocol (-Mp): 0
Maximum Servers Per Broker (-Mpb): 0
Excess Shared Memory Size (-Mxs): 26
Network Type (-N):
Server network message wait time (-Nmsgwait): 2
Pending client connection timeout (-PendConnTimeout): 0
Service Name (-S): 0
Broker server group support (-ServerType): BOTH
SQL Server Max Open Cursors (-SQLCursors): 0
SQL Server Stack Size (-SQLStack): 0
SQL Server Statement Cache Size (-SQLStmtCache): 0
Size [1K byte units] of SQL Server temp table buffer (-SQLTempStoreBuff): 0
Size [1K byte units] of SQL Server temp table disk storage (-SQLTempStoreDisk): 0
Size [1K byte units] of SQL Server temp table data page (-SQLTempStorePageSize): 0
Authorized data truncation (-SQLTruncateTooLarge): OFF
SQL Autonomous Schema Update (-SQLWidthUpdate): OFF
Record block consistency check (-TableCheck): Not Enabled
TXE Lock retry limit (-TXERetryLimit): 0
TXE Commit lock skip limit (-TXESkipLimit): 10000

RETURN - repeat, U - continue uninterrupted, Q - quit:
Because most of the Shared Resources options output is self-explanatory, this list describes only two items:
Shared memory version number
The version number of the shared-memory data structure. This structure varies slightly between some releases of the database. Since broker, server, and client processes all access the same shared-memory pool, their shared-memory version numbers must agree. If an error message states that shared-memory version numbers do not match, make sure that the broker and clients are running the same OpenEdge release.
Number of semaphores used
Shows the number of semaphores preallocated for this database. Because each process requires one semaphore, semaphores are preallocated based on the number of processes expected to access the database.
For a particular database, the number of semaphores used (#SEM) is as follows:
#SEM = Max-possible-users (-n) + Max-possible-servers (-Mn) + 4
The maximum number of semaphores you can use on your system is set with a kernel configuration parameter (SEMMNS). If the number of database users grows large, you can exceed this value. You must reconfigure the system's kernel to increase the semaphore limit. (See Managing Performance for more information.) You can only reduce semaphore use by lowering the values of the Number of Users (-n) or Maximum Servers (-Mn) startup parameters. (When you start the broker process, a message specifies the number of semaphores still available.)