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Database Administration
Reference : PROMON Utility : PROMON R&D Advanced Options

PROMON R&D Advanced Options

Provides advanced options for in-depth monitoring of OpenEdge RDBMS activity and performance. These options are called R&D options.
To access PROMON R&D options, at the Enter your selection prompt, enter R&D. The R&D main menu appears:
09/19/08          OpenEdge Release 11 Monitor (R&D)
14:50             Main (Top) Menu
         1. Status Displays ...
         2. Activity Displays ...
         3. Other Displays ...
         4. Administrative Functions ...
         5. Adjust Monitor Options

Enter a number, <return>, P, T, or X (? for help):
Choose one of the following options:
*Status Displays — Shows information about the current state of the database and its users.
*Activity Displays — Shows information about database activity in the recent past.
Activity displays shows the total number of each type of operation for the sample period, the number of operations per minute, the number of operations per second, and the number of operations per transaction.
*Other Displays — Shows information that does not fit into either the Status or Activity categories.
*Administrative Functions — Allows you see and change options related to administering a database.
*Adjust Monitor Options — Allows you change the way the monitor behaves.
Menus items followed by ellipses (...) access a lower-level menu.