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Database Administration
Reference : PROMON Utility : PROMON 2PC Coordinator Information option

PROMON 2PC Coordinator Information option

Lets you determine whether a limbo transaction was committed. You need this information before resolving a limbo transaction.
To get this information, run PROMON against the transaction's coordinator database. PROMON displays the name of a transaction's coordinator database in the Coord column of the 2PC Transaction Control screen.
Note: If the coordinator database is shut down and you cannot run PROMON against it, you must use the 2PHASE COMMIT qualifier of PROUTIL to determine whether it committed the transaction.

Sample output for PROMON Coordinator Information option

The following shows an example of this option's output.
     OpenEdge MONITOR Version 11

         Database: /users/sports1

         Q. QUIT

     Enter the transaction number you want to find out if committed:
PROMON displays the transaction number in the Crd-task column of the Transaction Control screen. Enter the transaction number and press RETURN. PROMON displays a message that tells you whether the transaction committed.