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Database Administration
Reference : Other Database Administration Utilities : PROLOG utility

PROLOG utility

Truncates the log file.


prolog db-name [ -online ] [ -silent ]


Specifies the database log you want to truncate. Do not include the .db suffix.
Optionally specifies that the database whose log is being truncated is currently online. PROLOG truncates the log file of an online database with or without specifying -online. The parameter is maintained for backward compatibility.
By default when your database is online, PROLOG re-logs all your database startup parameters to the log file. Specify -silent if you do not want to log the startup parameters.
The database log (.lg) file expands as you use the database. If it becomes too large, use the PROLOG utility, in either an offline or online mode, to reduce the event log file's size.
*Offline — PROLOG removes old log entries, preserving approximately the last 3072 bytes of the file.
*Online — Removes entries in the database log file, exactly as the offline mode, but then re-logs the database startup parameters to the log file, if -silent is not specified. It is possible to lose some messages while performing the online truncation.


*If you want to save the log file, use operating system utilities to back it up before using PROLOG.
*See Logged Data for more information about log files.
*PROLOG supports the use of internationalization startup parameters such as -cpinternal codepage and -cpstream codepage. See Database Startup Parameters for a description of each database-related internationalization startup parameter.