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Database Administration
Reference : Startup and Shutdown Commands : PROBIW command

PROBIW command

Starts a before-image writer (BIW) process.


probiw db-name


Specifies the database where you want to start a BIW.
The BIW improves database performance by performing before-image overhead operations in the background. For more information on the BIW, see Managing Performance.


*To stop the BIW process, disconnect it by using the PROSHUT command. You can start and stop the BIW at any time without shutting down the database.
*The BIW process counts as one user. You might have to increment the value of the Number of Users (-n) parameter to allow for the BIW. However, the BIW does not count as a licensed user.
*You can increase the number of before-image buffers with the Before-image Buffers (-bibufs) parameter. Increasing the number of buffers increases the availability of empty buffers to client and server processes.
*Before-image writers are only available on Enterprise systems.