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Database Administration
Reference : Startup and Shutdown Commands : PROAPW command

PROAPW command

Starts an asynchronous page writer (APW).


proapw db-name


Specifies the database where you want to start an APW.
APWs improve database performance by performing overhead operations in the background. For more information on APWs, see Managing Performance.


*To stop an APW, disconnect it by using the PROSHUT command. You can start and stop APWs at any time without shutting down the database.
*Each APW counts as a user. You might have to increase the value of the Number of Users (-n) parameter to allow for APWs. However, APWs do not count as licensed users.
*The optimal number depends on your application and environment. To start, use one page writer for each disk where the database resides. If data gathered from PROMON indicates that this is insufficient, add more. For more information on PROMON, see PROMON Utility.
*For an application that performs many updates, start one APW for each disk containing your database, plus one additional APW. Applications that perform fewer changes to a database require fewer APWs.
*Asynchronous page writers are only available on Enterprise systems.