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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Maintaining Database Structure : Performing chain analysis online

Performing chain analysis online

OpenEdge can perform chain analysis online in one of two ways. You can use the dbanalys qualifier or the chanalys qualifier, as shown in the following examples:
proutil db-name -C dbanalys
Performing chain analysis using dbanalys accomplishes the following:
*Executes a minimal level online chain analysis
*Runs as part of database analysis, reporting on the lengths, but not the content of the cluster free, free, RM, and index delete chains
*Produces minimal performance impact
*Does not perform sanity checks of offline chain analysis
proutil db-name -C chanalys
Performing chain analysis online using chanalys accomplishes the following:
*Executes an intermediate level online chain analysis
*Produces minimal performance impact due to minimal locking
*Reports dbkeys of each chain entry
*Online chain analysis may exit prematurely if:
*A user presses CTRL+C
*A block is encountered twice in the chain
*The number of blocks processed is greater than the number reported in the object block
*The block is no longer on the chain
* Important considerations when performing chain analysis online