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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Dumping and Loading : Overview of dumping and loading

Overview of dumping and loading

You might want to dump and load your database to:
*Create a new version of a database
*Use a constant table in multiple databases
*Economize disk space
*Convert a database to a new OpenEdge release or a different operating system platform
*Load updated data definitions to upgrade a database schema
When you dump a database, you must first dump the database or table definitions, and then dump the table contents. The definitions and contents must be in separate files and cannot be dumped in one step. You perform both procedures with the Data Administration tool if you are using a graphical interface, or the Data Dictionary if you are using a character interface.
You can also dump and load the table contents with PROUTIL. This option dumps and loads the data in binary format.
OpenEdge Data tools automatically attempt to disable triggers before performing the dump or load. If you do not have Can-Dump and Can-Load privileges, the Data tool asks if you want to dump or load the database without disabling the triggers. See Maintaining Security for information about assigning privileges.
For information on manually dumping and loading database contents using ABL syntax, see the entries for EXPORT and IMPORT in OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference.
* Dump and load limitations