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Database Administration
Reference : Database Startup Parameters : Alphabetical listing of database startup parameters : Maximum area number (-maxAreas)
Maximum area number (-maxAreas)
Operating system and syntax
UNIX Windows
-maxAreas n
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default

1 The minimum value is the current maximum area number in use for the database.

The maximum area number.
Use Maximum area number (-maxAreas) to specify the highest area number available for use during the time the database is online. Increase the highest area number by shutting down and restarting the database with a higher value, or remove the -maxAreas parameter to have the maximum number available.
At database startup, the maximum area number specified with -maxAreas is compared to the areas defined in the database. If any defined area has a higher area number, the database will not start.
If the database is expanded with PROSTRCT ADDONLINE, the area numbers specified for any new areas must be lower than the maximum area number specified with -maxAreas, or the PROSTRCT ADDONLINE command will fail.
For more information on area numbers, see Maintaining Database Structure