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Database Administration
Reference : Database Startup Parameters : Alphabetical listing of database startup parameters : Login Governor (-nGovernor)
Login Governor (-nGovernor)
Operating system and syntax
UNIX Windows
-nGovernor n
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default
Database Server
The maximum number of users.
Login Governor (-nGovernor) specifies the maximum number of users that may login for each tenant in a multi-tenant database. Login governor prevents a tenant from using all the database connections, and prevents other tenants from logging in. Login governor applies to the default tenant and regular tenant. This governor does not apply to super-tenants and non multi-tenant databases.
When a user attempts to log into a database, and the available login resource allocation for the tenant has been exceeded, an error message is recorded in the database log as:
Attempt to exceed tenant login governor for tenant <tenantID>. Increase -n or -nGovernor.
You can set or modify the -nGovernor value using the PROMON utility. For more information about the PROMON utility, see PROMON Utility. To set the -n value, see Number of Users (-n).