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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Dumping and Loading : Loading database definitions

Loading database definitions

You can load either all the data definitions for a table or only those definitions that have changed.
The Data tools use a data definitions file that you specify to load table definitions into the database. A data definitions file contains definitions for tables, fields, and indexes.
To load table definitions into a database:
1. Access the appropriate Data tool (the Data Administration tool if you are using a graphical interface or the Data Dictionary if you are using a character interface).
2. Make sure you are using the database (the target) where you want to load the table definitions.
3. Choose Admin > Load Data and Definitions > Data Definitions (.df files). The Data tool prompts you for the name of the file that contains the data definitions you want to load into the current database. The default filename is the logical name of the current working database, with a .df extension.
4. Specify a file or accept the default.
5. Specify whether you want to stop the load as soon as the Data tool encounters a bad definition statement. The Data tool displays each item as it loads the definitions for that object. The Data tool displays a status message and prompts you to continue. If you choose not to stop on errors, the load will continue with the next entry.
Note: Whatever you choose, if the Data tool encounters any error, it backs out any loaded definitions.
6. Choose OK to return to the Data Administration or Data Dictionary main window.
The database now contains the table, field, index, or sequence, but none of the data.
* Loading updated ABL data definitions