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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Dumping and Loading : Loading Change Data Capture policies

Loading Change Data Capture policies

To load CDC policies using the Data Administration tool:
1. In the Data Administration window, click Admin > Load Data and Definitions > Change Data Capture Policies (.cd file).
The Load Change Data Capture Policies window appears.
2. In the Input File field, specify the file name or click Files to browse and select the .cd file that you want to load.
3. In the Acceptable Error Percentage field, type the error rate that is acceptable to the Data Administration tool to load a .cd file into a database.
For example, if you specify an error rate of 10 percent, the Data Administration tool must successfully load 90 records from every set of 100 records. If the error rate exceeds, it terminates the loading process and places the bad records in the error .e file.
4. Click OK.
The Data Administration tool displays each item as it loads the CDC policies, and a status message appears.
Note: If the .cd file does not specify a code page, the Data Administration tool prompts you to specify the code page format.
5. Click OK to complete the procedure.