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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Distributed Transaction Processing : Java Transaction API (JTA) support : JTA transactions and OpenEdge Replication
JTA transactions and OpenEdge Replication
When a JTA-enabled OpenEdge database is enabled for site replication with OpenEdge Replication, JTA transactions are replicated from the source database to the target database or databases. JTA transactions are started against the replication source database and replicated to the replication target database by the replication agent. Manual intervention to resolve JTA transactions should only be performed on a replication source database when there is an unrecoverable catastrophic failure to JTA transaction manager. On a target database, JTA transactions can only be resolved when Replication Agent is in "pre-transition" state.
For more information on OpenEdge Replication, see OpenEdge Replication: User Guide. For more information on manually resolving JTA transactions, see Resolving JTA transactions.