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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Managing Performance : Index use

Index use

As database blocks can become fragmented, index blocks can become under-utilized over time. The optimal degree of index block utilization depends on the type of database access performed. Retrieval-intensive applications generally perform better when the index blocks are close to full since the database engine has to access fewer blocks to retrieve a record. The larger the index, the greater the potential for improving performance by compacting the index. Update-intensive applications, on the other hand, perform better with loosely packed indexes because there is room to insert new keys without having to allocate more blocks. Index analysis provides the utilization information you require to make decisions. Choose a balance between tightly packed indexes and under-utilized indexes, depending on your data and applications. The sections that follow describe the following index activities:
*Analyzing index use
*Compacting indexes
*Rebuilding indexes
*Activating a single index
* Analyzing index use
* Compacting indexes
* Index utilities
* Rebuilding indexes
* Activating a single index