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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Backing Up a Database : Performing an online backup : Improving performance of an online backup
Improving performance of an online backup
The bibackup parameter to online backup optimizes the backup of BI clusters. By default, and if you specify bibackup active, PROBKUP starts by backing up the active BI cluster, and proceeds to the previous BI cluster in the BI cluster ring. PROBKUP with bibackup active, proceeds to each previous BI cluster, backing up a minimum of 4 BI clusters, and continuing to backup the BI clusters until a cluster with no active transactions is reached.
When evaluating performance considerations, the best case scenario is that the minimum of 4 BI clusters are backed up, and the worst is that all BI clusters are backed up. For more information on BI clusters, see Before-image I/O.
The bibackup active option is the default behavior. If you want to backup all BI clusters, specify all for bibackup, as shown:
probkup online db-name incremental device-name bibackup all
Note: PROREST restores the backup containing only active BI clusters without any changes to the command line. Online backup for Release 11.3, is not backward compatible unless you specify bibackup all.