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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Backing Up a Database : Restoring a database : Database restore examples : Full backup restore example
Full backup restore example
The database administrator of Company X's Development department wants to restore the devel.db database that was previously backed up.
To restore devel.db to a new database from a full backup:
Enter the following command:
prorest newdev /dev/rrm/0m
The newdev.db database is an empty database. The 9-track tape drive (/dev/rrm/0m) specifies the device from which the full backup is being restored.
As the restore begins, the following report appears:
This is a full backup of /usr1/develop/devel.db. (6759)
This backup was taken Wed Nov 18 15:34:43 1999. (6760)
The blocksize is 1024. (6990)
It will require a minimum of 3065 blocks to restore. (6763)
Read 41 blocks in 00:00:02
This command restores the database devel.db from a tape to newdev.db. The report indicates that volume 1 is being processed.
2. Connect to newdev.db once the restore is complete.