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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Maintaining Security : Schema security : Freezing and unfreezing schema
Freezing and unfreezing schema
You can unfreeze frozen tables to make changes, such as adding or deleting fields or indexes or modifying field or index definitions.
To freeze or unfreeze a table:
1. Choose Utilities > Freeze/Unfreeze from the graphical Data Administration tool or the character Data Dictionary. The tables defined for the working database are listed alphabetically.
2. Choose the table you want to freeze or unfreeze. The Freeze/Unfreeze Table dialog box appears.
3. Specify the table status, then choose OK.
As security administrator, you can control which users have authority to freeze or unfreeze database tables. To freeze or unfreeze tables, the user must have Can-write access to the _File table and Can-write access to the _File_Frozen field.