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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Recovering a Database : Forcing access to a damaged database

Forcing access to a damaged database

If you are unable to regain access to your database, you should restore the database from backup. If you have no backup and no other alternative, you can use the -F startup parameter to force entry to a damaged database.
Caution: You should use the -F parameter only as a last resort, since it compromises the integrity of the database.
To force access to a damaged database:
1. Back up the database.
2. Truncate the BI files using the PROUTIL command with the -F parameter:
The syntax is as follows:
proutil db-name -C truncate bi -F
In this command, db-name specifies the name of the database.
The following messages appear:
The -F option has been specified to . (6260)
Forcing into the database skips database recovery. (6261)
3. Start a single-user session against the database.
4. Use any of the database administration tools or utilities to dump and then load the database. See Dumping and Loading for more information.
Forcing access to a damaged database is an action of last resort and might not result in successfully opening the database. If the database cannot open, none of the OpenEdge recovery tools can be used to dump the contents of the database.