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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Failover Clusters : Terms and concepts : Fail over policies
Fail over policies
The fail over policies for Clusters are as follows:
*IsAliveInterval — The polling interval in between calls to the IsAlive method to determine if the application is still alive. The IsAliveInterval is 60 seconds.
*LooksAliveInterval — The polling interval in between calls to the LooksAlive method to determine if an application appears alive. The LooksAliveInterval is five seconds.
*CheckInterval — The amount of time to attempt to restart a database on its current node. The CheckInterval period is 900 seconds.
*FailureReportThreshold — The number of unsuccessful restarts to allow during a CheckInterval period before signaling a fail over request. The FailureReportThreshold is three.
*Retries — The number of attempts to start the application before initiating failover. Retries is three.
*Delay — The number of seconds to wait prior to initiating fail over. Delay allows the operating system time to perform clean up or other transfer related actions. Delay is 0 seconds.
*FailBack — Indicates if the application is to be transferred back to the primary node upon its return to operation. FailBack is False (Windows).
*AutoStart — Indicates to the cluster software that the application should automatically start without operator intervention. AutoStart is True (Windows).