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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Recovering a Database : Sample recovery plans : Example 1: Low availability requirements
Example 1: Low availability requirements
The database administrators at site A have determined the following availability requirements. The table below provides examples.
Table 20. Sample low availability requirements
Recovery technique
How many committed transactions can you afford to lose?
1 week of transactions
Perform weekly backups.
How long can the application be offline while you perform scheduled maintenance?
8 hours per day
Perform weekly backups offline.
How long can you spend recovering if the database becomes unavailable?
24 hours
Keep a full backup and any number of incrementals or AI files.
Must distributed transactions occur consistently across databases?
Do not implement two-phase commit.
Given these requirements, the database administrators perform a full offline backup every Monday at 5 PM. Incrementals are not required because the site can afford to lose one week of transactions, and full backups are performed weekly. The backup is tested Tuesday at 5 PM using disk space reserved for that purpose.