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Database Administration
Reference : Database Startup Parameters : Alphabetical listing of database startup parameters : Encryption cache size (-ecsize)
Encryption cache size (-ecsize)
Operating system and syntax
UNIX / Windows
-ecsize n
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default
For Enterprise licenses only, use Encryption Cache Size (-ecsize) to specify the size (in number of encryption policies) of the caches for encryption policies. The encryption cache holds your encryption policies in memory, eliminating the need to read policy records from the database during the encryption and decryption processing.
At startup, if your database is currently enabled for transparent data encryption, two encryption caches are allocated, a primary cache and a secondary cache. If your database is not enabled for transparent data encryption, only the secondary cache is allocated. Each cache is initially the size specified by Encryption Cache Size (-ecsize).
Existing encryption policies are cached in the primary encryption cache. If the primary cache is filled, remaining encryption policies are inserted into the secondary cache. All new encryption policies are cached in the secondary cache. If the secondary cache is filled, an informational message is written to the database log file, and the cache is expanded by 1000. If at any time the secondary cache cannot be expanded, the database shuts down.
You should set Encryption cache size (-ecsize) large enough that all your existing encryption policies fit in the primary encryption cache.
You can set Encryption cache size (-ecsize) to 0 (zero) if you never intend to enable encryption on your database.
See Transparent Data Encryption for more information on transparent data encryption.