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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Logged Data : Saving key database events : Enabling save key events
Enabling save key events
Enabling your database to save key events can be done at any time. The first time a broker is started for the database after key events are enabled, all existing key events in your log file will be recorded into your _KeyEvt table.
To enable your database to save key events:
1. Optionally define a database area for your _KeyEvt table and add it to your database. If you don't specify an area, the table is created in your Schema Area.
2. Enable your database to save key events with the PROUTIL ENABLEKEYEVENTS utility. See the PROUTIL ENABLEKEYEVENTS qualifier on page 1205 for details on the utility.
The following example demonstrates these steps:
# show the contents of
$ cat
  # Add area for key event storage
  d "Key Event Area":26,32;8 .

$ prostrct add mydb
$ proutil mydb -C enablekeyevents "Key Event Area"
OpenEdge Release 10.1A01 as of Thu Apr 6 20:40:49 EDT 2006

Key Events has been enabled for database mydb. (12479)
Note: If you add a new area to your database for key events, update your structure description file with PROSTRCT LIST. For more information on PROSTRCT, see PROSTRCT Utility.