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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Auditing : Enabling and disabling auditing

Enabling and disabling auditing

Auditing is enabled in an OpenEdge database with the PROUTIL utility. The first time that auditing is enabled for a new database, the auditing meta-schema tables for audit policies, events, and data are created for the database. See Auditing tables for descriptions of the tables and indexes.
When enabling a database for auditing, you must specify an area for the audit tables. Do not place the auditing tables in the schema area. It is best to create a new area exclusively for auditing. You can also specify an area for the audit table indexes. If you anticipate generating large volumes of audit data, you may achieve better performance by separating the data and indexes. You can also choose to deactivate the non-unique auditing indexes. This could provide you with a performance boost. Deactivated indexes can be activated at a later time using PROUTIL IDXBUILD.
* Enabling auditing
* Re-enabling auditing from a deactivated state
* Disabling auditing