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Database Administration
Reference : PROMON Utility : R&D Administrative Functions : Disconnect a tenant's users
Disconnect a tenant's users
Displays the currently connected tenants and provides a mechanism for selecting the tenant to disconnect.

PROMON Currently Connected Tenants

The following figure shows a sample display.
10/27/11      Currently Connected Tenants

   Sel        Tenant Id        Name           User Count
     1              -1         super_tenant         1

Enter tenant row number or A for all, P, T, or X (? for help):
The display shows the following information:
*Sel — A row number for selecting the tenant to disconnect users
*Tenant ID — The tenant Id
*Name — The name of the tenant
*User Count — The number of users currently connected for this tenant
Disconnect users by entering a number from the Sel column to specify a tenant, or enter A to disconnect all tenants.