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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Failover Clusters : Using the PROCLUSTER command-line interface : Disabling a cluster-enabled database
Disabling a cluster-enabled database
If a database is already enabled and you want to remove the database as a cluster resource, enter the following command:
procluster db-name disable
You must specify the fully qualified path of the database to disable. Specifying the database name automatically disables any other optional dependencies specified when the database was enabled.
When you remove a database resource using PROCLUSTER disable, Clusters does the following:
*Shuts down the database if it is running
*Deletes the resource from the cluster manager software once it is in an offline state
*Deletes the group from the cluster manager software if the resource is the last resource in the resource group
You can use the Cluster Administrator tool in Windows or you can use the operating system specific command to enumerate cluster objects on UNIX, to ensure that the database has been removed as an enabled cluster resource. For more information on cluster administration tools and commands, see your operating system cluster documentation.