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Database Administration
Reference : PROMON Utility : R&D Status Displays : Database Service Manager
Database Service Manager
Displays the status of communications activity between the core database and related database service objects.
09/29/11        Status: Database Service Manager

Communication Area Size   :        65.00 KB
  Total Message Entries   :          595
  Free Message Entries    :          595
  Used Message Entries    :            0
  Used HighWater Mark     :            0
  Area Filled Count       :            0
  Service Latch Holder    :           -1
  Access Count            :            0
  Access Collisions       :            0

Registered Database Service Objects

Name                             Rdy Status  Messages Locked by
OpenEdge Replication Server       Y  BUSYNP         1
OpenEdge RDBMS                    Y  REG            0
The display contains the following fields:
*Communication Area Size — The size in KB of the communications queue
*Total Message Entries — The total number of messages that can be queued
*Free Message Entries — Number of free messages
*Used Message Entries — Number of used messages
*Used HighWater Mark — The maximum number of PICA messages used for this run of the database
*Area Filled Count — The number of times the PICA queue has been filled for this run of the database
*Service Latch Holder — User number of the user holding the database service manager queue (PICA) latch; if the value displayed is -1, then the latch is not currently held/locked/owned
*Access Count — The number of times the PICA queue has been accessed for this run of the database
*Access Collisions — The number of times that there has been collision on access to the PICA queue during this run of the database (AIW and REPL attempting simultaneous access)
*Registered Database Service Objects:
*Name— The database service name; possible values include:
*OpenEdge Replication Server
*OpenEdge Replication Agent
*OpenEdge RDBMS
*OpenEdge Management DB Agent
*RdyY or N. Indicates if the service is ready. The value is most often Y. N is displayed during service startup and shutdown.
*Status — The status of the database service
The table below lists the possible values for Status.
Table 89. Status values
Active — the process exists; it is registered and the broker is aware
Inactive — the service is registered, but not processing or available
Busy — processing
Registered — the service is known, but has no role
Pre-registered. The service is known, but it not ready for use (starting registration)
*Messages — The number of messages on the database service queue
*Locked by — The pid of the process locking the message queue