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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Multi-tenant database : Creating multi-tenant elements : Database administration tools : Database Administration Console : Data Administration
Data Administration
The multi-tenancy support in Data Administration ensures the following:
*Security Domains are defined as belonging to a Tenant in a multi-tenant database and that this information is included in dump and load.
*The built-in Security Authentication System and Authentication System Domain records are not included in data dump and the delete action and the fields that are not editable are disabled for these records in the user interface.
*Multi-tenant information is included when dumping and loading data definitions.
*A super-tenant can select and set the effective tenant when dumping and loading data and sequence current values and that the dump and load utilities have defaults that make it easy to dump and load tenant data to and from subdirectories named after the tenant. Dump Sequence Current Values dialog box
*Ensures that the maintenance of alternate buffer pools does not include multi-tenant tables.
For more information on Data Administration features, see the Data Administration online Help, or OpenEdge Development: Basic Database Tools.