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Database Administration
Database Basics : Creating and Deleting Databases : Creating a database with PROSTRCT CREATE : Create a database structure extent
Create a database structure extent
Use the PROSTRCT CREATE utility to create the physical database files for the database. The PROSTRCT CREATE syntax is:
prostrct create db-name [structure-description-file]
 [-blocksize blocksize]                        
In the syntax block, structure-description-file represents the name of the .st file. If you do not specify the name of the .st file, PROSTRCT uses The database blocksize in kilobytes is represented by blocksize. Specify 1024, 2048, 4096, or 8192. If you specify -validate, PROSTRCT will check that the contents of your structure description file are accurate without creating the database.
To create a database named sports2000 from the structure description file using PROSTRCT CREATE:
1. First verify that your structure description file is accurate.
Use the -validate option to PROSTRCT CREATE as follows:
prostrct create sports2000 -blocksize 4096 -validate
If there are no errors in your structure description file, PROSTRCT returns a status similar to the following:
The structure file format is valid. (12619)
Device: /usr1/dbs/, KBytes needed: 3488, KBytes available: 483876225
There is sufficient free space to initialize the defined extents. (12618)
2. Second, create the database.
Use the PROSTRCT CREATE command as follows:
prostrct create sports2000 -blocksize 4096
* Adding schema to a void database