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Database Administration
Database Basics : Creating and Deleting Databases : Converting an OpenEdge Release 10 database to OpenEdge Release 11

Converting an OpenEdge Release 10 database to OpenEdge Release 11

The PROUTIL CONV1011 utility converts the schema of an OpenEdge Release 10 database to OpenEdge Release 11.
To convert the schema of an OpenEdge Release 10 database:
1. Back up the database using OpenEdge Release 10.
Caution: There is always a chance that your schema could become corrupt during conversion. If the conversion fails, your database cannot be recovered. If this happens, you must restore the backup copy of your database and begin the conversion again.
2. Verify that the database is not in use.
3. Truncate your before-image file with Release 10 PROUTIL TRUNCATE BI. You cannot truncate the before-image file of your Release 10 database with Release 11.
4. Disable after-imaging, if enabled, with Release 10 RFUTIL AIMAGE END.
If you have OpenEdge Replication enabled, you must disable it before you can disable after-imaging. For information on Replication, see OpenEdge Replication: User Guide.
5. Disable two-phase commit, if enabled, with Release 10 PROUTIL 2PHASE END.
6. Verify your Release 10 backup, and then install OpenEdge Release 11, if you have not already done so, following the instructions in OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration.
7. Run PROUTIL CONV1011 to convert your database.
Use the PROUTIL CONV1011command, as shown:
proutil db-name -C conv1011
CONV1011 performs extensive checks of your database during a pre-scan process. If the pre-scan encounters any issues that would prevent a successful conversion, the issues are logged and the convert utility exits without making any changes to the database (it is still a valid Release 10 database).
8. After you have successfully converted your database, back up your OpenEdge Release 11 database using Release 11 PROBKUP.
You should back up your Release 11 database in case it is damaged due to some failure. If you have only a Release 10 backup of your database, then you would need to go through the conversion process again.