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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Transparent Data Encryption : Overview : Database key store : Configuring key store access
Configuring key store access
To open a transparent database encryption-enabled database, OpenEdge must be able to open the key store. To successfully open the key store, you must provide the correct key store passphrase. If OpenEdge cannot open the key store, then opening the database fails. You have two configuration choices for how the key store passphrase is supplied:
*Manual mode — Manual mode requires that you supply (type in) a key store account passphrase any time your database is opened.
*Autostart mode — Autostart delivers a passphrase you configure to open the key store automatically.
Manual mode is more secure, but impacts automated database administration (scripts), and requires manual intervention for every database access or invocation of an executable; Autostart mode does not impact scripts, but potentially gives unfettered access to encrypted data.