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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Backup Strategies : Choosing backup media

Choosing backup media

Depending on the operating system, there are many different options available for backup media. Available media includes:
*Disk files
*Tape cartridges
*Disk cartridges
*Writable disks (CDs and DVDs)
When choosing backup media, consider the media's speed, accessibility, location, and capacity for storage. The following table lists questions to ask yourself when choosing backup media.
Table 18. Backup media questions
To consider this ...
Ask this question ...
Storage capacity
Is the media large enough to contain all the files you need to back up?
Data transfer speed
Is the media fast enough to allow backup of files in a reasonable time?
Can you use the media at the time you need to run the backup?
Is the device accessed through a network? If so, can the network handle the large volume of activity generated during a backup?