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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Managing Performance : Changing Database Client Notification poll time

Changing Database Client Notification poll time

Database Client Notification is a communication mechanism between clients and the database, informing clients of the need to refresh their schema cache. Notification enables timelier completion of certain database administrative actions, such as activating an inactive index. The timelier completion makes the result of the administrative change, such as an active index, available more quickly for application use.
The Database Client Notification startup parameter indicates, in seconds, how often a client polls for notification of a schema change. The default is 0, indicating that no polling occurs. The minimum non-zero value is 1; the maximum is 86400 (for 24 hours).
You can change the value of the startup parameter at runtime with one of the following methods:


To change the Database Client Notification poll time with PROMON, make the following selections:
1. From the PROMON main menu enter, R&D. The R&D main menu appears.
2. From the R&D main menu, choose Administrative Funtions by entering 4.
3. From the Administrative Funtions menu, choose Server Options by entering 7.
4. From the Server Options menu, choose User notify time by entering 8. You are prompted to enter a new poll time as follows:
Enter Attention poll time (1 to 86400):
5. Enter the new value, and return.

_DbParams VST

To change the Database Client Notification poll time with the _DbParams VST, use the following ABL example as a guide:
1. Query the current value:
FIND FIRST _DbParams WHERE _DbParams._DbParams-Name = "-usernotifytime".
DISPLAY "User notification poll time: " _DbParams._DbParams-Value.
2. Update the current value:
FIND FIRST _DbParams WHERE _DbParams._DbParams-Name = "-usernotifytime".
ASSIGN _DbParams._DbParams-value = "3600". /* one hour */