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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Maintaining Security : Connection security : Changing a password for database users
Changing a password for database users
Users can change their own passwords; they do not need security administrator privileges.
To change your password:
1. Log in as the account owner.
2. Choose Admin > Security > Change Your Password from the graphical Data Administration tool or the character Data Dictionary. You are prompted to enter your new password.
3. Enter your new password. Remember that passwords are case sensitive. You are prompted to verify the new password.
As security administrator, you can change a user's user ID or password, but only by deleting and then re-creating the user record. This way, users cannot be locked out of a database if they forget their user IDs or passwords.
Caution: Do not try to bypass the Data Dictionary, Data Administration tool, or the Database Administration Console of OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer to modify passwords. You might lock yourself out of the database.