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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Change Data Capture

Change Data Capture

OpenEdge Change Data Capture is an OpenEdge RDBMS feature that identifies and captures data that has changed in tables of a source database, as a result of create, update, and delete (CUD) operations. Generally speaking, Change Data Capture is an industry term that describes the process of duplicating subsets of OLTP data in an external data source with a relatively up to date version of relational data. The OpenEdge implementation of CDC provides a flexible and scalable capture process to facilitate the data extraction, transformation, and eventually the loading of the data to an external data source. This is useful to customers who need to export data to a data warehouse or business intelligence application. The data provided by the capture process exists on the source database and is maintained in relational form.
The details of CDC are described in OpenEdge Getting Started: OpenEdge Change Data Capture Guide. In the sections that follow, database-specific topics are discussed.
* Change Data Capture highlights
* CDC and other RDBMS features
* Enabling CDC
* Using the CDC cache