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Database Administration
Reference : Database Startup Parameters : Alphabetical listing of database startup parameters : CDC cache size (-cdcsize)
CDC cache size (-cdcsize)
Operating system and syntax
UNIX / Windows
-cdcsize n
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default
2000 if CDC is enabled.
200 if CDC is not enabled.
2000 if CDC is enabled.
200 if CDC is not enabled.
The size, in kbytes of both the primary and secondary CDC caches combined.
If you specify a value smaller than 200, the size is increased to 200.
In single-user mode, the primary cache is not used, and the entire size is allocated to the secondary cache.
In multi-user mode, 75 percent of the cache size is allocated to the primary cache, and the remainder to the secondary. However for values smaller than 400, the size is split evenly between the two caches.
You can increase the size of the secondary cache at runtime with PROUTIL INCREASETO.
For best performance, you should set CDC cache size (-cdcsize) large enough that all your existing records fit in the primary cache.