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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Recovering a Database : Recovering from a full disk : Control or primary recovery area disk : BI file on the full disk
BI file on the full disk
Use the following procedure to recover from a full disk if the BI file is on the full disk:
1. Use the PROSTRCT ADD utility to add a BI extent on a disk that contains some free space. The maximum amount of additional BI space you require to recover the database is variable, and may exceed the current size of the database. If you have a disk with this much free space, then assign the new BI extent to that volume. Note that this is a worst-case space requirement and the BI file normally grows much less than this. Adding the BI extent makes the variable length extent a fixed-length extent.
2. Start a single-user OpenEdge session against the database. This begins database crash recovery. Exit the single-user session.
3. Restart the database.