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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Recovering a Database : Recovering from a full disk : Control or primary recovery area disk : BI file not on full disk
BI file not on full disk
Use the following procedure to recover from a full disk if the BI file is not on the full disk:
1. Truncate the BI file using the PROUTIL TRUNCATE BI utility. This rolls back any transactions active at the time the database shuts down. You can also start a single-user OpenEdge session to accomplish this.
2. Add one or more data extents to the database using the PROSTRCT ADD utility. This step is not necessary to bring the database back online. However, if you omit this step, the database will shut down when users begin adding data to it.
If you have no additional disk space, you must install a new disk or delete some data from the database before you can bring the database online.
3. Restart the database.