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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Auditing : Archiving audit data : Audit archive process : Basic archive process
Basic archive process
The most basic archive process is to archive and delete all the audit data from your production database and load the data into your archive database. If your production database is called prod-db, and your archive is arch-db, these are the basic steps:
1. Archive the data:
proutil prod-db -C auditarchive
This command archives all the audit data currently in prod-db to your current working directory, and deletes all the audit data from prod-db. The audit archive file is named prod-db.abd.
2. Load the data:
proutil arch-db -C auditload /usr1/prod-db-dir/prod-db.abd
This command loads all the audit data in the archive file /usr1/prod-db-dir/prod-db.abd into the arch-db database.