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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Auditing : Auditable events

Auditable events

Auditing in OpenEdge is highly customizable. You can coarsely track events in your application at a very high level, and you can finely track changes to an individual field at a low level. A defined set of tracked events is called a policy. Policies are created using the Audit Policy Maintenance. For details on creating and maintaining policies, see the Audit Policy Maintenance online Help.
There are many types of activity that can be audited. The following sections describe the categories of auditable events:
*Audit events
* Security events
* Schema events
*Data events
* Administration events
*Utility events
*User events
* Application events
Note: To ensure you have all the current audit events in your database meta-schema, run PROUTIL UPDATESCHEMA. See PROUTIL UPDATESCHEMA qualifier for details.
* Audit events
* SSecurity events
* SSchema events
* Data events
* AAdministration events
* Utility events
* User events
* AApplication events