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Database Administration
Reference : PROMON Utility : R&D Status Displays : AI Extents
AI Extents
Displays the status of the database AI extents, if after-imaging is enabled.

PROMON AI Extents status display

The following shows a sample AI Extents status display.
09/15/05 Status: AI Extents

Area Status Type File Size Extent Name
Number (KBytes)
13 BUSY Fix 1 505 /usr1/101A/doc_sample.a1
14 EMPTY Fix 0 505 /usr1/101A/doc_sample.a2
15 EMPTY Var 0 121 /usr1/101A/doc_sample.a3
The display contains the following fields:
*Area — The area number of the extent. Each AI extent has a unique area number
*Status — The status of the extent. Possible values are:
*Type — The extent type:
*Fixed length
*File Number — After image sequence number
*Size — The size of the extent in kilobytes
*Extent Name — The exact file name the operating system uses to reference this extent