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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Maintaining Database Structure : Area numbers : Error checking : Adding areas online
Adding areas online
If the server has been successfully started with the -maxAreas parameter, PROSTRCT ADDONLINE will verify that the area numbers of the areas being added do not exceed the specified maximum area number. The following output shows the error that results from attempting to add areas with numbers higher than the -maxAreas parameter:
$ proserve docsample -maxAreas 2000
$ cat
# Attempt to add an area beyond -maxarea
d "MaxAreaTest must fail":2999,32;64 . f 4096
d "MaxAreaTest must fail":2999,32;64 .

$ prostrct addonline docsample

Syntax error in structure file:

d "MaxAreaTest must fail":2999,32;64 . f 4096

Invalid area number specified. (6826)
Error occurred on line 4. (6819)
prostrct add FAILED. (12867)