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Database Administration
Reference : PROMON Utility : PROMON Shut Down Database option

PROMON Shut Down Database option

Lets you disconnect a user or shut down a database.

Sample output for PROMON Shut Down Database option

When you choose this option, PROMON displays the menu shown below.
 Enter your selection:

             1 Disconnect a User
             2 Unconditional Shutdown
             3 Emergency Shutdown (Kill All)
             x Exit

 Enter choice>
Disconnect a User
Disconnects a single user from the database specified when PROMON was invoked. PROMON prompts you to enter the user number of the user you want to disconnect. (PROMON displays the user number of active users above this submenu.) Enter the user number, then press RETURN.
Unconditional Shutdown
Shuts down the database in an orderly fashion. When you choose Unconditional Shutdown, PROMON begins the shutdown when you press RETURN. PROMON does not prompt you to confirm the shutdown.
Emergency Shutdown (Kill All)
Shuts down the database without performing cleanup and kills all processes connected to the database. Before performing the shutdown, PROMON displays the following message prompting you to confirm the shutdown:
This is rather extreme. All the processes connected to
the database will be destroyed. Do you really want to?
Please confirm by entering y for yes:
If you enter anything other than y or yes, PROMON cancels the shutdown and returns to the PROMON utility main menu.