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OpenEdge Business Rules
Introducing OpenEdge Business Rules : Reference : OpenEdge Business Rules API reference : Class Properties and Methods reference
Class Properties and Methods reference
This section contains reference entries that describe each built-in class property and method that ABL supports for working with OpenEdge Business Rules and structured error handling. Class properties and methods are mechanisms that allow you to monitor and control the behavior of class-based objects.
* ABLConnect property
* AdminServiceConnectionParameters property
* Connected property
* ConnectionParameters property
* Custom property
* DashSpace property
* DecisionServiceConnectionParameters property
* Default property
* DoubleDashEquals property
* DoubleDashSpace property
* EffectiveOn property
* FormatMask property
* Name property
* NameEquals property
* None property
* Operation property
* PortName property
* Server property
* ServerConnection property
* ServiceName property
* Value property
* Version property
* CreateServer() method
* Connect() method
* DestroyServer() method
* Disconnect() method
* GetConnectionString() method
* GetMessages() method
* InvokeService() method
* IsServiceAvailable() method
* ToString() method