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Web Services Developer's Guide
Preface : User types

User types

Progress OpenEdge Business Process Server is a business process management system that can be used by the following types of users:
User type
Application User
Responsible for carrying out specific business tasks using Business Process Server applications.
Responsible for automating business processes in a particular business domain. Business Process Portal’s Management module serves as the primary interface to Business Process Server for the Manager, enabling the manager to monitor, analyze, and control business processes. Also uses the Business Process Modeler for modeling and simulation.
Application Developer
Responsible for creating customized applications for implementing business processes and developing interfaces associated with tasks. Application developers may work closely with Managers to define the requirements of an application, and determine the business processes.
Business Process Server Administrator
Responsible for configuring Business Process Server components, managing user/group profiles, maintaining the OEBPS environment and administering Business Process Server utilities.