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Troubleshooting Guide
BPM Events : Error debugging

Error debugging

This section explains how to debug an error, with the help of an example of a sample error from the bpmevents.log. The procedure for debugging other Business Process Server components is very similar to the one explained in this section.

Error log

06 Feb 2007 14:29:57,813 BizPulse ERROR - (566):EventReader caught BPRuntimeException exception while evaluating event Event(ID=-1, type=TimeOutOccured, value=TimeoutApprove, Date=Feb 6, 2007 2:29:57 PM, STARTTIME=1170800936701, DUEDATE=1170887336701, PERFORMERVALUE=<NULL>, TYPE=ATOMIC, PROCESSINSTANCENAME=AP#125, RPID=125, IS_INTERNAL_EVENT=true, Approved=true, Remark=<NULL>, PROCESSTEMPLATENAME=Approval, PROCESSINSTANCEID=125, _SCHEDULED_ITEM_ID=1, PERFORMER=@Manager, WORKSTEPID=2, WORKSTEPNAME=Approve, PROCESSTEMPLATEID=1, DURATION=86400, ENDTIME=0, INSTRUCTION=Approve the following Request, type_id=TimeOutOccured$TimeoutApprove, APP_NAME=Approval, PRIORITY=medium, LOOPCOUNTER=1)
com.savvion.sbm.bizpulse.compiler.code.Fun$EvalError: (291):SendMailOpBPFun, error: Illegal address, rule trace: RuleName = Approval::toa1::TimeOutOccured, Correlating Event Variable Location = 0, Event: Event(ID=-1, type=TimeOutOccured, value=TimeoutApprove, Date=Feb 6, 2007 2:29:57 PM, STARTTIME=1170800936701, WORKSTEPNAME=Approve, PROCESSTEMPLATENAME=Approval, PROCESSTEMPLATEID=1, PERFORMERVALUE=<NULL>, Approved=true, PROCESSINSTANCEID=125, PRIORITY=medium, TYPE=ATOMIC, WORKSTEPID=2, ENDTIME=0, INSTRUCTION=Approve the following Request, DURATION=86400, LOOPCOUNTER=1, Remark=<NULL>, IS_INTERNAL_EVENT=true, DUEDATE=1170887336701, type_id=TimeOutOccured$TimeoutApprove, PROCESSINSTANCENAME=AP#125, _SCHEDULED_ITEM_ID=1, PERFORMER=@Manager, RPID=125, APP_NAME=Approval), @[line: 26, column: 74]


In the above sample error from the bpmevents.log, the top level error is BIZPULSE_ERR_566, which is documented in the Table 2. This error has the following information.
RuleName = Approval::toa1::TimeOutOccured
where Approval is the application name, toa1 is the module name, and TimeOutOccured is the rule name.
Correlating Event Variable Location = 0
where 0 is the index number of the correlation event.
Event: evt
where evt is the actual event that caused the error.
@[line: 26, column: 74] :
The actual line number and column number in the rule module where the error occurred.