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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Working with Graphical Event Logic tool : Using the GEL tool in BPM projects

Using the GEL tool in BPM projects

This section describes how you can configure logic actions for a Business Process (or Web application) using the GEL tool. The Logic content pane tab provides the list of defined events for worksteps. Before using the GEL tool, you must define the logic event in the Advanced tab of the workstep Properties view. For example, to define a logic event for Start workstep, see Using the Advanced tab of Start workstep properties.
Note: In the following sections, the Logic view for Business Process is presented, which is applicable to Web applications as well, unless otherwise stated.
* GEL Actions in BPM projects
* Adding data operations
* Adding value expressions
* Adding control structures and custom script
* Using JSTools API