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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Adapter worksteps : Using the Dataslots tab of Adapter workstep properties

Using the Dataslots tab of Adapter workstep properties

You can use the Dataslots tab to control the information flow into and from a workstep performed by a custom (user-defined) adapter. From the Dataslots tab, you can assign dataslots to the adapter workstep and manage existing dataslots.
Note: For a managed adapter, the Configuration tab replaces the Dataslots tab. For information on configuring the managed adapter and mapping dataslots between Managed Adapter inputs/outputs and dataslots in BPM Designer processes, see the Managed Adapters Guide.
Dataslots assigned to the adapter workstep are listed in a table in the Dataslots tab. You can add, modify, or remove the dataslots.
The Name column provides the name of the dataslot. The other two columns show whether the dataslot provides Input to the Adapter or Output from the Adapter. For information on mapping dataslots, see Mapping dataslots in an adapter workstep.
To add dataslots to those listed in the table:
1. Click Add, to open the Select Dataslot dialog box.
2. Select one or more dataslots and click OK to assign them to the adapter workstep.
You can modify the Input and Output adapter settings for the existing dataslots in the Dataslots tab. Click in the Input to Adapter or Output to Adapter column for the dataslot you want to modify, then select true or false in the drop-down list.
Note: To remove a listed dataslot, select it and click Remove.
* Mapping dataslots in an adapter workstep