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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing messages and channels : Using the Channel Manager

Using the Channel Manager

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides the Channel Manager tool to store and manage channels, which are used as a JMS-based communication medium with Message Subscriber worksteps and external softwares (for instance, SAP NetWeaver).
Business Process Server uses the default "BP Server Channel" to send and receive messages for Message Subscriber worksteps. BP Server channel uses a fixed JMS destination of type, Queue (point-to-point). For external softwares, Business Process Server uses a fixed JMS destination of type, Queue or Topic (for broadcasting).
To open the Channel Manager:
1. From the Tools menu, click Channels, opening the Channel Manager dialog box, which displays the default BPServerChannel.
2. To add a new channel, click New, opening the Add New Channel dialog box, where you can add a channel for a Local server (default) or a Remote server.
3. Enter a name and description for the channel in the respective boxes.
4. For a local channel, you can only use the "Queue" destination type, as displayed in the read-only Destination Type drop-down list.
5. Enter a Destination name in the Destination Name box.
For a Local channel, the Destination name must be that of a topic already defined on your local server (for instance, jms/Business ProcessMessageQueue). For a Remote channel, the Destination name can be either a topic or a queue that has already been defined.
6. To create a channel for a Remote server, click the Remote option in the Server Properties section, to enable and make changes in the following fields.
a. From the Destination Type, select either QUEUE (for messages that can be received by an individual or by any member of a group) option or TOPIC (for messages that can be received by all members of a group) option.
b. Enter the respective JMS properties for your application server (Initial Factory, Provider URL, Principal or Credential) in the respective boxes. Refer to the OEBPS_Home\conf\ for the properties. For instance, the value of the Provider URL parameter should be that of the jmsserver/jmscluster and not the ejbcluster property.
7. Click OK to save the new channel to the Workspace_Home\\messaging\channels folder.
* Exporting and importing channels