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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Using alerts

Using alerts

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides the Alerts functionality for Business Processes, which you can define and associate with selected worksteps. Using Alerts, you can notify application users in Business Process Portal of a predefined event, such as change in the status of a process instance or in case of an exceptional condition being satisfied. In BPM Designer, you can use the Alerts tab to define a pool of alerts that can be associated with selected worksteps. These alerts can be associated with selected worksteps using the Alerts tab in the workstep’s Properties view, at various transition points (such as, “On activation”, “When completed”, and “On Overdue”.) during execution of the process.
The associated alerts appear in Business Process Portal under the My Alerts tab when, for example, a specific workstep is activated or when it is completed. Each alert must contain a message. Alerts can be assigned to one or more specified recipients or they can be triggered by a particular condition. For information on managing alerts in Business Process Portal, see the Business Process Portal User’s Guide.
* Reviewing the Alerts tab
* Defining an alert
* Associating an alert with a workstep