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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Developing BPM projects : Using a process file as a template : Using a process file from recent releases

Using a process file from recent releases

You can use a process file from a previous release as template to create a new process in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge:
1. In the second page of the BPM Project wizard ( Creating a Business Process for Business Process), enter the name of the new project in the appropriate box.
2. To use an existing process file as a template, select the Use an existing file from file system as template option, then click Browse to open the Select File dialog box, which displays the existing process files.
3. Browse to the SPT within any of the process folders that you can use as a template for your new process.
After you select a process file from your Workspace_Home folder and click Open, the process template name (for instance, Assignment) and its path is shown in the File box, and a number in the Version box is automatically inserted that is one increment higher than the selected process file. The process template name and version is entered in the remaining read-only fields.
a. You can change the project name, or change or delete the version number. Specify the duration in the appropriate Duration box.
b. Click Next to continue.
c. After entering the description (optional), click Finish in the BPM Project wizard.
A new project folder is listed in the Project Explorer View, along with the process template file with an SPT extension.
4. Select File > Save All to save changes to all open projects and files. You can now publish the new application. For more information on publishing, see Publishing an application .
* Importing a process file from earlier releases